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28 Jan

I guess…

…that some hosting companies think that they’re the shit and can do with their clients whatever they want and disguise it all under the veils of “TOS”. From everything I’ve read, and heard, it would be a long, cold, snowy day in hell before qwk.net ever got any of my business.

I’ve worked with three different providers over the years: Z3.com (who, while I’m no longer affiliated with) gave great customer customer service. They just didn’t provide the amount of storage and bandwidth that I needed at what *I* felt was a competitive price. That was my choice. Uptime was wonderful, and thanks go out to Jim and everyone there. I’m still working part time with 1and1.com, where I have a number of my domains registered through. They also have a good deal on bandwidth and space.

I’m over at Dreamhost.com these days. Have been since April 2005, to be honest. I’ve found them (for the most part) responsive and expansive. There’s no way I’m going to use all the bandwidth and storage space, but it’s nice to know I’ve got it if I need it. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of “cpu minutes” you can use (they prefer you, on shared hosting, to stay below 50-60 cpu minutes a day). Running 20 domains, three blogs, 2 discussion groups, I’ve used, at max, 47.45 minutes a day. So I think I’m doing ok.

So, there are plenty of options out there. QWK.net is just rapidly showing why they should no longer be on the playing field. Either that, or they’ve got a bad apple for an employee who is out to destroy the company and simply not give a damn.

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