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27 Jan

Just a thought

In our overly-litigious society…Lachlan makes a discovery.

While we’re on that subject, how about the amount of time I spend in voice-directory hell, or better yet, I KNOW!

I’ll sue for the amount of time I spend trying to make myself understood by outsource employees with names like “Yimmy” and “Bubba” (and you know damn well from their accents that they’re from India) considering the outsourced customer service is scripted and if you don’t give them the right answer, they can’t proceed in their script to get the problem resolved.

Just this week alone I’ve lost 4 productive hours to this nonsense. Multiply that by the 49 weeks a year that I work, and that’s … 196 hours a year I can claim! JUST from the Dell Corporation. Add on all the other companies, and voila. Instant bankroll for ME the lawyers.

And people wonder how the rich get richer. Sheesh. No one forced you to read the frickin book. Quit wasting the courts time and my tax dollars. Or better yet, please step off the earth. Thank you.

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