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24 Jan

The long and winding…

…rant. Warning. Coarse language ahead.

Several things have gotten my goat these days. They’ve been building up, and like a steam release valve, the blog is my release.

(1) What in the HELL has gotten into drivers on the Interstate? Today I had three (count ’em, one, Two, THREE) drivers weaving in and out of traffic at higher than legal speeds (I know, I was speeding at 65) who chose to pass me, not only on the right, but in an ACCELERATION LANE to an on-ramp. That means two things. One: I was going faster than the legal limit in the right lane [also known as the “slower traffic keep right” lane] and two: you made an illegal lane change by going around in a lane not meant for passing.

If I ever had tried to pull that shit, a cop would be ready and waiting to pull me. The bad thing is that one of these idjits was driving a silver Mercedes E500 that was BEING TRANSFERRED to Tysinger Mercedes-Benz. Excuse me. The vehicle didn’t have temporary tags, or even a dealer tag, just some transfer sticker in the window. Yes, Tysinger. a Silver Mercedes E500, driven through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel by an African-American male around 2:20 on Tuesday, January 24. I wouldn’t want a car that I planned on buying to be going in excess of 70 before I bought it “new”.

I try to be tolerant of people and their idiosyncrasies, but these two take the cake.

(2) Prissy people piss me off. You know who you are. I don’t give a fat rat’s ass that you’re suffering from OCD, ADHD, or anything else. GET OVER IT. I don’t care that it took you an hour to get your hair “just right”. You’re 35 years old and supposedly of moderate intelligence. Ignoring people who are talking to you (oh, not me, you know I’d raise a big stink if you tried pulling that crap with me) for whatever reason simply shows no class and bad breeding. Personally, I think you need to be taken down a few pegs. Use a dirty restroom from time to time without having to send your partner in to see if it’s “clean enough” for you. Wear the damn shirt that has a wrinkle in it that nobody gives a damn about. Live life. Quit complaining about it. No wonder you have no friends — people can’t stand to be around a whiny, prissy, compulsive shit.

(3) To “Le Nez”: You know, for someone who’s getting ready to have a milestone birthday, you certainly seem to have your share of “the world is wrong” feelings that you want everyone to agree with you on. Let’s go over some simple rules, ok? 1. People smoke. You don’t like being in public places where you might come across someone with a lit cigarette? Fine. Keep your ass out of the bars and maybe you won’t have sinus problems. 2. Get over your hang up of “I can’t cook with alcohol or extract or have a drink.” Wine makes a great reduction, and I dare ANYONE to say that an Italian Vodka sauce, if prepared correctly, is anything less than sheer heaven on pasta. The alcohol COOKS OUT and leaves a flavour that is necessary for some dishes [see this morning’s rant on “substitutions”]. 3. Puerto Rico is NOT a filthy place to visit. If it were, people wouldn’t be going there. We’re not talking about South New Jersey with medical waste washing up. We’re talking about a resort. Maybe you were there on a bad day, or went in to a bad section of town, but that’s everywhere you go. 4. The waiter was NOT that cute and the fact that you were practically drooling over every guy who walked past the table only made you come across as a helpless, disgusting troll. 5. Your former partner has been gone for 13 years. You weren’t together as a couple when he died. Even if you were, don’t you think he wouldn’t be so selfish that he would deny you the right to happiness? No one wants to hear ANY MORE STORIES about “he this…” or “that was his…” etc. Move on. Put on your big girl panties and move on.

You know, there are times when I think my life is bad, and then I take a look around, and I thank the heavens for what I have and the people I choose to have in my life. Sometimes, I even thank the heavens for the people I choose NOT to have in my life as well.

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    moonglow Says:

    I just HAD to remind you that it’s winter, but there’s ALWAYS a time and reason to “garden”! Plan your garden carefully and always take time to feed those “plants” and pull out those nasty little (or big) “weeds” regularly! Also, don’t forget about those “saplings” that have to be nurtured and the “stately plantings” that need to be fed regularly. And don’t waste your breath on blowing that dusty little weed seed away! 🙂 Just look around and give yourself a pat on the back for making the best GARDEN for yourself.:)

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