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23 Jan

Sure. Let’s shoot our own foot.

American Airlines should be ashamed.

In the days of computerized ticketing, online purchases, etc., they’re instituting a reticketing charge of $10 for those who voluntarily change their ticket if the ticket was not purchased from American Airlines directly.

Nice knowing you American Airlines, now proceed directly to bankruptcy, do not pass go, do not collect tax incentives.

Sorry, but I’m sick and tired of companies charging additional fees for services that (1) used to be free and (2) most likely have been outsourced because of slave cheaper labour.

Computerization has lowered the effective cost of processing requests. That’s like a local bank in town that charges a service fee if you ever have to have a face-to-face transaction in a bank. ATM transactions and online transactions are free. Need to deposit your change? Think again. That’ll be $5 for every time you perform a transaction.

Almost makes at .089% that Coinstar charges seem like “small change”.

Thanks to Tink for forwarding the link.

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    Fritz Says:

    My brother is on a rant about banks that charge a $5.00 fee to cash a check that is drawn on that bank if you’re not a customer there.

    This is targeting immigrant workers who generally don’t have bank accounts. These banks are charging them $5.00 to cash their paychecks — even though they are doing business at the bank that the check is drawn on! That’s making $5.00 for basically DOING NOTHING! This is a total rip off that should be illegal.

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