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23 Jan

Put a cork in it.

I was reading this week’s Portfolio where Ed Bacon from Virginia Beach is upset over the term “Seven Cities” being used to describe this area because it “takes elegant Virginia Beach and lumps it with six losers.”

Let me remind you of something, Mr. Bacon. If it weren’t for the “six losers” Virginia Beach would be nothing. We have the concert venues, we have the attractions, and yes, we even have upscale housing.

You need a reality check. Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News are what help attract $$ and tourism dollars to Virginia Beach.

You have one concert venue (the amphitheatre) while we have the Scope, the Coliseum, Chrysler Hall, The “Ted”, and the nTelos theatre.

We have Old Dominion University, Norfolk State, Hampton University, Christopher Newport University, Thomas Nelson Community College and most of the TCC locations.

We have the Thomas Jefferson National Acceleration Facility, both of the regions airports, and the International Ports in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News.

We have Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding. We have the Virginia Air and Space Museum. We have the Chrysler Museum and the Mariner’s Museum.

Multi-regionalism is part of what makes HAMPTON ROADS work. Note that it’s HAMPTON and not VIRGINIA BEACH Roads. Don’t like it? Fine…use the other name for the area: TIDEWATER. Hmm. No mention of Virginia Beach there either.

Personally, I think you’ve let the new Town Center go to your head. Pick up the clue phone. It’s ringing just for you.

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