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23 Jan

Definition of ugly……….

An ugly woman walks into a shop with her two kids. The shopkeeper asks “Are they twins”? The woman says “No, he’s 9 and she’s 7. “Why? Do you think they look alike?” “No”, he replies, “I just can’t believe you got laid twice”! Chuckles to Moonglow for forwarding this.

23 Jan

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“Fear and Desire are two sides to the same coin.”

23 Jan

Music of the Afternoon

Love Was Spoken Here – as performed by Oleta Adams Wasn’t it us who looked forever in the eye Wasn’t it us who shared those moments in the night Just a word could bring us closer than we thought possible Now we talk in circles and don’t say anything at all Remember when you couldn’t […]

23 Jan

You want benefits? Screw it!

Lachlan has an interesting post regarding the Univeristy of Florida and the requirement to have sex for benefits. Let’s be honest here. I don’t want anyone in my bedroom, knowing if I do the naughty (well, it’s naughty if done right) or not. What about those people who are beyond sexual age? Or who are […]

23 Jan

Sure. Let’s shoot our own foot.

American Airlines should be ashamed. In the days of computerized ticketing, online purchases, etc., they’re instituting a reticketing charge of $10 for those who voluntarily change their ticket if the ticket was not purchased from American Airlines directly. Nice knowing you American Airlines, now proceed directly to bankruptcy, do not pass go, do not collect […]

23 Jan

Put a cork in it.

I was reading this week’s Portfolio where Ed Bacon from Virginia Beach is upset over the term “Seven Cities” being used to describe this area because it “takes elegant Virginia Beach and lumps it with six losers.” Let me remind you of something, Mr. Bacon. If it weren’t for the “six losers” Virginia Beach would […]

23 Jan

Need a laugh?

This put a smile in my face.

23 Jan

Cold and Damp. Must be Monday.

We were doing snow dances last night and it didn’t work. Guess it’s time to go back and learn some new steps (LOL). Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday — after church (which gets more and more interesting with every sermon [the pastor reads out of a different translation each week]) I finally was […]

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