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20 Jan

We give you a paycheck why?

In a rare moment of blogging about work, today at CHK, I had to have my administrative PC profile reset, something that I cannot do for my own account (because I’d have to be logged in to do it). I called over to our industrious computing services and identified myself, my position, my department, and the fact I needed my profile reset.

I immediately get told I need to contact myself to have my profile reset.

[insert stunned look here]

I said, “Maybe you didn’t understand…” and again identified myself.

Their response? “Yes, that is the person you need to contact.”

I went off, telling them they’re so used to passing the buck on to the next person and not taking any responsibility for ATTEMPTING to deal with a request that they basically were worthless and if they didn’t reset my administrative profile this very instant I was going to go over to their location, remove their head and replace it with a coconut. Maybe then they could use it to think with.

It’s amazing what service you get when you threaten an idiot with physical harm. My profile was reset within 5 seconds. (Yes, it’s that easy to do.)

I really feel as if I should file a report with someone higher than these infinite monkeys answering phones. We’re paying these people good money to hear “blah blah blah, location, blah blah blah, profile reset” and then telling the people to call their local computer person.

Maybe we’ve outsourced our own help desk to India and I just didn’t realize it.

2 Responses to “We give you a paycheck why?”

  1. 1
    Fritz Says:

    Well, I just got a call from my IT support with news that my new Adobe Web Bundle is in! Talk about a stunned look! I can’t believe that it didn’t take months to get as per usual — or get shot down as an “unapproved” upgrade. I didn’t have to threaten to kill anyone or anything.

    Ahhhh, I’ll soon be basking in wonderful software upgrades too numerous to fathom (http://www.adobe.com/products/bundles/web_bundle.html). 2006 is off to a nice start here at my office.

  2. 2
    Keith Says:

    Good lord. Talk about stupid.

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