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17 Jan

Guaranteed to Piss People Off

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My take on the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. Supposedly it wasn’t written until AD 92 (or thereabouts). It also claims to “end” the Bible, forbidding anyone to add to it (see Revelation 22:18-end).

Now, I’m sorry that it irritates people that I don’t believe God hasn’t had anything more to say to humanity over the last 2000 years. I also have a severe problem with people accepting, blindly, that the God of the Old Testament was one of hellfire and damnation, and all of a sudden, God has an epiphany and decides to send His Son to die for us because we’ll never be good enough in His eyes. All through most of the New Testament, God is shown to be merciful and loving.

All my life I’ve struggled with these two differences, and no one has been able to explain it in a way I find satisfactory. Most of the time, I get the glib answer that one must simply “have faith.”

Well, I do have “faith”, thank you. But I also do not have “blind faith.” It does not mean that like Thomas, I must put my hand in the side of the Christ, but it means that I am not going to accept, unconditionally, the words written down hundreds of years after the fact.

While in school, we’ve all played the game of “Telephone” where one starts at one end of a chain of people and utters a phrase. Each person then, in turn, must pass that phrase along.By the time it hits the end of the chain, it normally has no resemblance of the original phrase.

So it is with the Bible. Since human minds and memory are fallible, things were undoubtedly passed along incorrectly. (Note the difference between an oral history and science fiction. In the book “Dune” by Frank Hebert, the “Bene Gesserit Reverend Mothers” receive the “memories” of those who came before them, thereby [supposedly] keeping the memory alive in the “same person, different life.” Since life is not science fiction, this is fantasy and we must accept that.)

We also, as humans have a penchant for changing recorded history. No, the events that occurred do not change; what changes is how humans record it. Look back over the past 200 years in American history, where racism has basically been written out of books. Is this a bad thing? No, but it does change perceptions. The difference between “Negro” and “African-American” and “Black” (and other words) technically are insignificant, etymologically speaking, but the “meaning” is tempered with ever change made.

Now, I’m not saying we all need to stick to “white”, “Caucasian”, etc. or “fag”, “gay”, “homosexual”, or “alternative lifestyle” (though I’ve often wondered — alternative to what, bestiality?) or even “Indian”, “Native American”, or the ilk. But each change makes a change in the way a person interprets what they read. After all, “whore”, “prostitute”, and “Lady of the Evening” can mean the same thing, with “whore” (in the American society) being the most derided. Why so? Are “whore” and “Lady of the Evening” not both women who have sex with men for money?

I digress. What I mean is that over time, we have watered down the true meanings of scripture (IMHO), homogenizing them to the point where they no longer mean what they did when they were first written.

I do wonder what the actual events were like — and it’s something that I’ll never truly know until that day I stand before God in judgment.

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