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16 Jan

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Kyan Douglas provides theological insight
By: Stephanie Miller

When I heard Kyan Douglas was coming to speak at Loyola, I was so excited because I’m a huge fan of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” He’s my favorite on the show, partly because he is so gorgeous, and when I heard him speak I had the honor of seeing what a beautiful person he is on the inside, too.

The question-and-answer session was very enlightening because, in addition to people gushing over how much they love Kyan and thanking him profusely for educating America on the proper way to shave, there was a particularly interesting and serious question asked. Kyan mentioned that a part of his faith journey included that he had been raised Catholic, and as he matured, he became interested in different ways of seeing God.

One of the questions addressed how one would go about balancing being gay and Catholic in a Jesuit setting like Loyola. Kyan said that if you’re gay and you feel in your heart that you are a Catholic and that is how you need to worship God, then you just go on and do it. Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t welcome, and don’t let anyone take your church away from you because it’s not their church, it’s your church.

I connected with what he said and was able to apply it to my life even though I’m straight. When Kyan talked about coming out, he said that it’s kind of like asking permission to be who you are. That statement, combined with what he said about God, really struck me. I often get frustrated in my own faith journey because, as a woman, certain vocations, i.e. the priesthood, are just not available for me. I feel that I need the Church’s permission to tell me how to serve God.

Part of the epiphany I had listening to Kyan is the idea that God is so completely infinite and awesome, and so beyond any human comprehension that it just baffles me that human beings think they have the right to determine what vocations are meant for certain people. When you deny someone the opportunity to explore a path in his or her life, you are, in effect, saying to a gay person, “You are not holy enough to be called to marriage” or saying to a woman “you are not worthy enough to be called to serve as a priest.” I know God loves me for who I am, for my abilities and for the talents He gave me. He loves me for being a woman just as much as He loves any individual on this earth, and He loves everyone the same regardless of sexual orientation.

I do not believe for one second that God thinks people should be denied the freedom to fulfill their capacity to love or serve simply because they don’t fit the mold human judgments have formed. You can’t express God in terms of human categories like male, female, gay and straight.

God loves each and every person equally, and we need to fight for equal rights so everyone has the freedom to love, live and serve the way they are called.

Kyan is my newest role model. He lives his life the way he knows God wants him to and is unapologetic to anyone who opposes him.

I really hope that in my lifetime our society will realize some changes need to be made.

Thank you so much to Rainbow Connection and SAF for bringing such an inspirational person to Loyola.

– Stephanie Miller, sophomore, theatre

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