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27 Dec

It’s no worse

I read on CNN today where Clinton’s Impeachment has made the history books. What he did by lying about his sexual escapades with Monica are no worse than the lies told by George W. Bush regarding Iraq, regarding unauthorized wiretapping, or any of the other lies America has been told (read as Haliburton, giving his […]

27 Dec

Footie Pajamas

Yes, I’m not feeling the best today. I want my blankie and a pair of footie pajamas. A good stiff shot of whiskey and off to bed I would go. Never know, however. I may not wake up until New Year’s.

27 Dec

Tasty Treats™

Taken from Cooks.com NOTHING SOUP 1 onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, smashed 4 oz. carrots, chopped 4 oz. celery, chopped 4 tbsp. Parmesan cheese 1/4 tsp. butter 1 1/2 c. water 16 oz. potatoes, chopped 1 stalk and leaves of parsley 1/4 tsp. pepper 1 1/2 tsp. salt 2 c. milk Saute onion, garlic, carrot, […]

27 Dec

Drink-O-The-Day™ 12-27-05

Dance With A Dream Cocktail 2 oz brandy 1/2 oz triple sec 1 tsp anisette In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine all of the ingredients. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass.

27 Dec

In my own Dream World

“Second Chance” performed by Virginia Astley Slips through your fingers like mercury Life in a whirlpool, 20th Century Close your eyes, disappear No one knows She was here. This could be your second chance Tell me how it feels in this world A second chance Tell me what to do In this world Catch me […]

27 Dec

Music of the Afternoon

Shame – As performed by Eurythmics now there’s a lifestyle with painted lips now there’s a lifestyle everybody wants it but it don’t exist and i said shame in the dancehalls and the cinema shame on the tv and the media shame we loved you now there’s a lifestyle with fashion chic now there’s a […]

27 Dec

I know what caused the spike

now that my readership has dwindled back down to next to nothing. Christmas is over. People are no longer looking for the “12 Daze of Christmas” by Fay McKay. Accordingly, readership has dropped back off. A shame, really, as I thought people were visiting because they enjoyed it here. Shows how simple minded I can […]

27 Dec

Don’t you just hate it…

…when people make obligations and can’t live up to them? I grow tired of being nice and trying to be understanding. An agreement is an agreement. Playing phone tag doesn’t work. The next call I make will be to an attorney to get the rest of the money that is owed to me. We agreed […]

27 Dec

So asketh a wise man.

Wouldn’t it be better if New Years Day were also the first day of spring? In theory, yes. In logic, no. If New Year’s Day were also the first day of spring, that would make the first day of winter oh, I don’t know… Labor Day. But then there’d be a good reason to not […]

27 Dec

Just because some people…

…never get it. I’m not meant to be taken for granted. Unfortunately, therea re more and more people coming in my life who feel that is the way it is meant to be. Details, perhaps, later.

27 Dec

The Tuesday Ten™

All about New Year’s Eve…. 1. Do you celebrate New Year’s Eve (1) alone, (2) with that special someone, or (3) with a crowd? 2. Ever been to Times Square to see the big ball drop? 3. Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? 4. If so, have you ever managed to keep any of them? […]

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