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17 Dec

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

We’re supposed to have snow this evening after midnight. It would be awesome, but I’ve heard these promises before…

17 Dec

It just feels good

…went out with PictureLady’s mom to help her do some of her hoilday shopping and had a blast today. Of course that means I was on my feet almost all day and am now completely tuckered out, but you know what, it was a heck of a day. She (and I) had a really good […]

17 Dec

Do Your Job …. Or Else!

17 Dec

An Early Christmas Present

PR, MusicLady and I went down to Elizabeth City and sang Christmas Carols to his ill Aunt. The look of joy that came over her face was incredible. She even went out to Dairy Queen with us (she doesn’t get out much anymore). Talk about sharing the warmth of Christmas. It brought back some of […]

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