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11 Dec

Top 100 (50-41 Positions)

For your listening pleasure, here’s the next ten positions in the top 100 songs of 2005, according to me. (Offline 12/23/05) Please note that these are the top 100 songs listened to by me, not necessarily songs from 2005.

11 Dec

Go! Buy! Spread Some Cheer!

Did you know you can PURCHASE Fay McKay’s fabulous rendition of “The 12 Daze of Christmas”? I didn’t know, but YOU CAN BUY IT! Please visit and buy, buy, buy! Seriously folks. She’s helped spread joy for years. Keep the magic alive! (Thanks to Fabulous Fay for leaving me a comment leeting me know about […]

11 Dec

Rude is the new Pink.

I was at Barnes & Noble’s bookstore last night and, since it’s the holiday season, the place was rather packed. With lots of rude, smelly people. I did have to laugh, however, at the mother who bought one of each of the Harry Potter books and made the statement… “Well, this will keep them out […]

11 Dec

Performance Day

We’re performing “The Spirit of Christmas” today. With a repeat Tuesday night. Four months of rehearsals boil down to this. Then of course there’s always the next project to move on to. Never enough, I guess. Still, it will be fun. At least, it better be. Is it just me, or are the holidays coming […]

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