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07 Dec

Wednesday Rant

You know, this is the holiday season. Which means we’re supposed to be in a “giving spirit”, right?

Well, I’m not. Personally, I’ve had it up to my ears with people who, for one reason or another, have their hands out and expect me to help them.

I’m sorry, but I can only do but so much. Yes, we’ve had natural disasters, yes we’ve had a time with the economy. But that does not mean that I should put myself into a situation where I am the one with my hand out.

Food, money, goods. Everywhere you turn there’s people practically begging for stuff, or trying to give your stuff away. Well you have this, that or the other thing. Yes, I do. I worked hard for it, dammit. I don’t intend on giving it up. If I do, that decision will be made by me, and me alone. If I get mad when you ask, don’t be surprised. At work alone this year, I have been asked to give to more than 19 different causes. On top of my mortgage going up (due to taxes and insurance), fuel prices (natural gas and gasoline) increasing, health care increases and, parking increases (for God’s sake…the spots don’t cost any more to use), I’m left with even LESS disposable income than before. Especially with employers being real “generous” with their 3% payraise, which isn’t keeping up with inflation and the aforementioned cost of living increases.

Yes, I try to help out where I can, a bit here and a bit there. But with so many people trying to do so much (and how do I really know the money/goods are going to where they should be???), it places a burden on me that I have no intention on bearing.

My family and I have it rather good right now. We’ve warmth, a roof over our head, clothes to wear, transportation, and food to eat. But that’s “right now”. A blink of an eye can change things. I’m one who attempts (but is not always successful) to plan for the future. This way I try to make sure I’m not the one with my hand out.

I know that if I want to help save the world, the first person I have to save is myself. After all, doesn’t Christian doctrine teach “God helps those who help themselves”? (You can argue the meaning of that until the cows come home – no one will ever see eye to eye on it, so don’t start.)

So, before you ask me for another handout and then are taken aback when I tell you “no”, or act like it’s a big deal, realize it IS a big deal. I’m not made of money, nor do I work to give my hard-earned spoils away to everyone.

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