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07 Dec

Two more rehearsals

and then two performances and this cantata will be but a memory. Not a good one or a bad one. But the important thing is, it will be over. Why do people think that they can ignore you and that you’re supposed to be there for them, no matter what happens in their lives? I’m […]

07 Dec

Sorry for the downtime

seems like Dreamhost decided to have an SQL server go out for a bit. But we’re back.

07 Dec

For your holidays…

07 Dec

Over-read on the Web

“What’d you get him?” “Frankincense. What’d you get him?” “Gold.” “Gold?! I thought we agreed on a $10 limit! All I got him was this f**king MYRRH!”

07 Dec

Top 100 (90-81 Positions)

For your listening pleasure, here’s the next ten positions in the top 100 songs of 2005, according to me. Offline 12/16/05

07 Dec

Wednesday Rant

You know, this is the holiday season. Which means we’re supposed to be in a “giving spirit”, right? Well, I’m not. Personally, I’ve had it up to my ears with people who, for one reason or another, have their hands out and expect me to help them. I’m sorry, but I can only do but […]

07 Dec

People want to…

…party all the time, party all the time, party allllll the time. (with no apologizes to Eddie Murphy for stealing his only top 40 hit (oh wait, there was “Put Your Mouth On Me”, but that sounds too… sexual)) A common consensus amongst the party attendees is that I need to have more get togethers, […]

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