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05 Dec

Music, Music, Music.

I’m busy compiling the 100 top songs that I’ve been playing this year. They are far reaching, from the 60s until this year. My only rule is no more than 3 songs per artist. You’ll get them in 10 song episodes, and I’ll start working on seguing them all together tonight so that you can […]

05 Dec


Whatever you do. Never. Order. Chicken. Strips. From. Churchs. They are the most disgusting thing this side of the former McCluck. (Remember when McDonalds used to sell Fried Chicken?) Church’s, besides being bland, are greasy, almost slimy, and simply not worth the cluck for your buck.

05 Dec

Taking a hint…

…from Keith, the commenter, who replied in response to my inquiry regarding Friday FloorFillers™ — “Look at your logs and see if anyone’s listening”. Well, they are. In increasing numbers. For that, I’m grateful.

05 Dec

IDTenT Errors

Why is it if a machine works properly for everyone except one person, it’s a hardware problem? Sounds to me more like PEBCAK.

05 Dec

This was too funny not to pass on.

Someone had it on a postcard at the party:

05 Dec

Mother Nature’s Raggin’

Instead of being nice and giving us fluffy snow, etc. Mother Nature’s decided to send us a little sleet, a lot of rain, and at the same time, she’s chosen to remove the brains of all the drivers on the road. Rain, of course, means it’s going to be slippery. Add a tiny bit of […]

05 Dec

Illness, stay away!

Seems like everyone around me is coughing, hacking, wheezing, choking, and is suffering from oxygen depletion. I’ve been lucky so far and not had any symptoms, but with the number of people we had in the house over the weekend, I’m seriously thinking of taking a 55 gallon drum of Lysol brand disenfectant and hosing […]

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