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30 Nov

Thoughts that make you laugh

I really shouldn’t be going back thorugh my memory scrapbook today, should I? After all, remembering having to teach someone how to pronounce “La Isla Bonita” (LA EES-LA BO KNEE TA) should not bring a smile to my face, but it does.

30 Nov


Got a major event happening here at the house this morning which I can’t talk about just yet on ye olde blog. Those closest to me know about it. They also know what it is in regards to. I’ll try to blog afterwards, but have been told this could take 3-4 hours.

30 Nov

Ever notice

that the faster you try to do things, the longer it takes you to do them? I guess when they say “slow and steady gets the job done”, that “they” knew what they’re talking about. Still. Morning comes far too early and far too soon.

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