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26 Nov

Music of the Night 2Fer

“If I Should Lose My Way” – performed by Linda Eder As we turn our lives Down this complicated road If you need a hand to hold I promise you I will be your friend Through whatever life may send And I know that you will be there too If I should lose my way […]

26 Nov

Linda Eder’s Christmas Concert

…the one on DVD. Go forth and purchase. Play. Enjoy. Trust me on this one.

26 Nov

She’s back! She’s back!

Tink made it back, finally. (Which is more than I can say about someone who was supposed to be home about 1 and still hasn’t made it here.) Just read on CNN where US Soldiers are facing discipline over “burning the bodies of two Islamic militants.” Says CNN: The military says the soldiers burned the […]

26 Nov

She may be back

…and then again, she may not. Tink’s flight from NY was cancelled; they’ve rerouted her, via a different airline, to Northern Kentucky, and is supposed to be here in a little less than two hours. I’m sure she’ll have stories galore once she returns. 🙂

26 Nov

My card to you.

Due to the ever-increasing cost of postage, and the decreasing ability to write legibly, here is the card to cover every holiday of the rest of our lives. Not from Hallmark, but from Moonglow. 🙂

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