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25 Nov

Music of the Night

“Forever For You” as recorded by Sam Harris You don’t have to make excuses you don’t have to close the door you don’t have to say any more, anymore. I can see the child within you trying to remove the pain afraid to let it fade out in the rain fade out like the news […]

25 Nov

Sorry for the lack of posts

Things are now getting back to normal, and that’s a very good thing. Turkey Day was great seeing all the relatives. Today was spent with yet more relatives. Outside it’s cold. Inside it’s … less cold. Sure, the radiators are boiling. But somehow, there’s a chill in the air. Maybe it’s just my mood.

25 Nov

Friday FloorFiller™ 11-25-05

Ladies and Gentlemen! Announcing the “Black Friday” Friday FloorFiller™! Come one, come all…and enjoy! Explicit Version Clean Version Offline 12/02/05

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