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21 Nov

Enough of Other’s Ego:

…or how I came to hate organized religion yet still love God.

I’ve mentioned before how I despise those people who think they can “own” God, that they have a hot line to the Power that be, etc.

As you can tell, from reading the previous blog entries, I finally had my fill of bull crap. Call it what you will, the church I used to be affiliated with has turned out to be like an episode of “Survivor”. Lies told. Devious plans made. Hidden agendas. Words twisted.

I’m sorry, that’s not God.

Hate-filled diatribes over someone’s sexual orientation, gender or race.

That’s not God.

Attempting to turn back the clock and bring back a pastor from the past, even though times (and the church) has changed, and getting your friends to twist words for you so you can attempt to accomplish this matter.

That’s not God.

Announcing to the entire world that you don’t like whatever because “it doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy.”

That’s not God.

God, I feel, doesn’t want you to “feel warm and fuzzy.” If he did, there wouldn’t be poverty, racism, bigotry, hatred, and the like. God wants you to be uncomfortable so that you don’t fall in a rut.

But you see — there are times that man feels they know better than God.

I’m talking about a certain person without mentioning names. But if I had to hear from their mouth one more time that they were going to petition the church to withdraw from the denomination because “they weren’t happy with things” I do believe I would have, for just a moment, gone to my happy place in my head where I could see the future and see what lies beneath, where I do believe I would have not only told this person to go, but given them explicit directions on how to get there.

What bull crap ensued yesterday was nothing more but another attempt at division in the church, and a thinly veiled attempt to split the church from its denomination.

What this person may not realize (and probably does not care) is the amount of spiritual harm and injury they have done to the church. All because of their own selfish desires.

That’s not God.

But because God is a gentle God, I have no doubt that at some point in this person’s life, they’re going to be in a situation much like they put everyone else. I can only hope that God will take mercy on them at that time and not treat them as harshly as they have treated everyone else.

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