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20 Nov

Time Tripping…

…music style. I’d forgotten how much the music of my youth meant to me. I ordered “The Platters: The Magic Touch – An Anthology”, which is a 2 CD set of the early (and most of the hit-laden) years of this fine R&B group. It started with my desire to have the song “Harbor Lights,” […]

20 Nov


To someone who will remain nameless: I have forgiven your narrow-mindedness, your acidic personality, and your desire to rule the world. You have no power over me, and it is my sincere hope that one day, before you die, you may see the error of your ways. May God have mercy on your soul, which […]

20 Nov

Yum, Yum!

Rocket Jones is hosting this week’s Carnival of the Recipes, 66th Edition. There is some VERY tasty stuff listed. Go and check it out!

20 Nov

So long and thanks for all the fish.

I feel very liberated. I’ve just finished typing up three letters of resignation from Boards I was on. Very simplistic. It’s over, good luck. One day, people are going to open their eyes and realize what man hath wrought. I’m glad it’s not going to be me to have to answer to the higher power […]

20 Nov


No, I’m not talking like a priate. I’m talking like someone who has a massive headache. I had one yesterday, but it faded by the evening. Now, it is back with a vengence. Bad thing is I have a meeting this afternoon. So I have to be somewhat coherent. Which means that meds I would […]

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