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16 Nov

You’d think

people could use their brains as something more than just to keep their skulls from collapsing.

I get an email today from a client that said:

“Please visit my pc. thanks”

That’s all. Nothing about what was wrong with it, or what it was or wasn’t doing.

I replied that more information needed to be given, and updated them on a problem with a piece of software.

Their repsonse:

“We have talked about this previously.”

That’s it. Nothing about what the frickin’ problem was or is or might be.

I picked up the phone, called them, and DAMN if the probelm wasn’t about that piece of software that if they had TAKEN the time to read the email I sent to them had ALREADY been addressed.

This ID-ten-T should be put on notice: I’m documenting all the stupid things you do. I’m not your personal workerbee, nor will I EVER be. (Yes, he’s the same one who can’t eject a floppy from his system, for chrissakes!)

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