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16 Nov

Everybody Dance…

….clap your hands, clap your hands. The Friday FloorFiller™ for November 11, 2005 was as follows: 01. 1984 – Van Halen 02. I Don’t Care – Ricky Martin 03. Right Beside You – Sophie B. Hawkins 04. Axel F (Club Mix) – Crazy Frog 05. Oh Lord – Nouveau Riche 06. In The Time It […]

16 Nov

Have I Told Y’all Lately

…exactly how much I like having you visit? Does me good to know I’m not alone in the world. Believe me, there are times when I do feel that I am alone — and I don’t want to be. On the flip side of the coin, however, there are those times when EVERYONE wants a […]

16 Nov

Must be the day

…with us JUST coming off a full moon. Yet another email: “I am having trouble opening some emails and responding to others. Please advise. Thanks.” What kind of troubles? From your office machine or from home? Give me generic problems, get generic answers.

16 Nov

What am I missing?

The CMAs were last night. In case you live under a rock, the CMAs are the Country Music Awards. Now, my question as to what am I missing is this: Why the heck were Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and Norah Jones on the CMAs? That would be like putting Def Leppard or perhaps Dolly Parton […]

16 Nov

I may be small

but my blog is all mine. No co-authors (ok, Roxette Bunny™ has been known to pop in from time to time, but does a small, blue bunny really count as a co-author?), and everything comes from inside my head. The good, the bad, the inane. Or is that insane? Anyway, I’m sure there are many […]

16 Nov

You’d think

people could use their brains as something more than just to keep their skulls from collapsing. I get an email today from a client that said: “Please visit my pc. thanks” That’s all. Nothing about what was wrong with it, or what it was or wasn’t doing. I replied that more information needed to be […]

16 Nov

Something worse than Tofurkey.

It would be called Tofurucken. Ok, so maybe that middle “R” doesn’t belong there. But just try to prounounce it. Just try. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your soybean curd, too! (cackle, cackle!) Besides, since a great deal of Turkeys are deep fried in peanut oil today, can you imagine the mess when your […]

16 Nov

Just Wasn’t Meant To Be

Someone in Califonia won the 315 million dollar jackpot of the MegaMillions lottery. I tired. I hope that the person who won needed the money and that it didn’t go to someone who was already independently wealthy. I’d consider that just plain greedy.

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