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15 Nov

How do you say goodbye…

…when someone wants to die?

Let’s take an 80 year old woman. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease. She’s got double pneumonia and side pleurisy. Her kidneys are shutting down. She lost her husband of almost 40 years in February of this year. She’s been in the hospital for over two weeks and isn’t getting any better.

Her request is that she be allowed to go home, lay on her sofa in her nightgown, and not be bothered.

Needless to say, she wants to go home and die. How does one say goodbye in a situation like that?

Is it considered suicide, as she knows she’s setting herself up with death?

Is it considered death with dignity?

or is it considered euthanasia, since the Doctors know what the outcome will be?

Prayers are needed for PR — this is his aunt that I’m talking about.

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    revog Says:

    No, it’s called quality of life and free will. Each person should be able to decide what is best for them and their families in this situation. Doctors are so afraid of being sued they will do anything to keep the person alive, even if it means they don’t have a QUALITY of life. Life without quality is no life at all.

    My grandmother was kept alive by the doctors and my grandfather because he couldn’t say enough was enough. Finally a doctor was brave enough to say “we really can’t do anything and kidney failure is a peaceful way to pass on”. The other doctors were willing to keep her alive at any cost and continue her suffering just so they could use her as a guinea pig.

    It is never a good time for anyone and tough on all family members. If she has decided that enough is enough, then her wishes should be respected, even if it is tough on everyone else.

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