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15 Nov


Have we, as a population, gone too far with political correctness? I would say so.

From banning displays of anything porcine in UK Government office because “it might offend the Muslim community” to being carnivore bashers (a la PETA), I say it’s just time to live and let live.

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, and that dreaded, awful thing is upon us.

The “Tofurky”.

If you don’t want to eat meat, then why bother taking some soybean derivative and making it look like meat? Deal with it people! I’m a carnivore. I plan on eating LOTS of turkey this season. I may even make a bacon dressing to go with it. There! Two dead animals! We’ll use more of the pig for the ham to be carved. Lots of protein at my meal. YUM.

If you’re that dead set against eating meat, then don’t. But don’t try to appease others by taking your food and attempting to make it look like and taste like something it’s not. By doing so, you’re only making yourself out to be a hypocrite.

If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you know how i feel about hypocrites.

I’m tried of being expected to change my life, the way I celebrate holidays (or not), the way I eat, talk, dress, and behave because “it may be offensive to someone.” Tough shishikas. Maybe someone not eating pork is offensive to me. Pick up a fork and start shovelling it in, people. I’m a person too, and I’m offended.

Don’t like to eat beef? You’re a vegan? Too bad. I think anyone who can’t appreciate a nice t-bone, medium, with a side of loaded mashed potatoes is evil. It offends me terribly. So bad that I may have to sue to emotional distress.

Sound ludicrous? It is, but the tables are turned around this time, and that’s why it sounds so bad.

Why is it such a crime for a Caucasian comedian does “black face” comedy? That’s racist, most will cry. But when the Wayans Brothers did “white face” in the movie “White Chicks”, it was seen as comedic relief. Sorry, it’s a two way street. You can’t have your way without letting others have theirs. Who do you think you are, George W. Bush? (Ken Starr? Bill Clinton? LOL)

There’s a line drawn where too much is too much. That line has been crossed. It’s time for people to return to their senses. Things can’t always be catered to you.

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