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13 Nov

Music of the Night

Sorry (Performed by Pat Benatar, from the album “Go!”) P. Giraldo, N. Giraldo, Paul Rafferty © 2003 Halana Music (ASCAP)/Bel Chiasso Music (ASCAP)/Bespoke Music (ASCAP) I remember when you loved me I remember the way it used to be Then you hurt me and I hurt you We were fools, as foolish as fools can […]

13 Nov

To make it a place worth living in…

What makes a house a home? I recall the first itme I ever moved out; I moved in with someone, but their house wasn’t a home. In fact, they had a stained glass mirror over the fireplace that read “The {family last name} House”. Not a home. Any building with at least 4 walls and […]

13 Nov

For the Carnival…

Swiss Chocolate Cake Cake: 1 box swiss chocolate cake mix (devils food will do if you can’t find swiss) 1 box instant vanilla pudding and pie filling — (small) 3 large whole eggs 1 1/2 cups milk 3/4 cup oil Icing: 8 ounces cream cheese 1 cup confectioner’s sugar 1 cup granulated sugar 1 package […]

13 Nov

Afternoon Humour

The woman at the supermarket checkout was giving the clerk a hard time. As her audience in the waiting line increased, she became more abusive. Finally, the patient clerk came to a dog’s flea collar. The checker asked the customer if she was aware that the package had been opened. “Of course,” the woman snapped. […]

13 Nov

A Game of 20 Questions

From Pratt, via Dawn 1. What’s for breakfast? Sausage, Egg & Cheese biskie from WaWa. 2. Do you read a newspaper daily? Yes, but only on line. Both of our local papers. 3. What do you do when you can’t sleep? Blog, play computer games, blog, web design, blog, drink. 4. Say a word that […]

13 Nov


The sun is shining, the sky is clear, the temperature is… 53 degrees. Why am I out from underneath the covers? Oh yeah, right. Obligations. I’m all for foregoing obligations when you’re nice and cozy in your bed. Ask me again in about a month, and I’ll add that it should be ok to forego […]

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