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09 Nov

No, I will not.

I shall not post the Friday FloorFiller™ early. But thanks for taking the time to email me and ask that I do; at least I know someone is listening. 🙂

09 Nov

Spam gets…

…funny. I just had a piece of spam hit my inbox titled: “size issues?” From: John Holmes. Who else. Bwuhahaha. Sometimes, junk mail can make you laugh.

09 Nov

Better Late Than Never

(found at Dawn’s) Looks like we have a replacement for the Friday Five, with the “Reader Poll Monday“. I need to get on the wagon, dammit. 1. What’s your current favorite song? That would be Nouveau Riche’s brand new (and not even released yet) single “Oh Lord.” 2. Any interesting elections in your neck of […]

09 Nov

The best laid plans

of mice and men. There’s several things I had intended on doing for the holiday party (less than a month away) but the plans are being changed; some people aren’t going to be able to attend; the guest list has been altered (again); and I’m running a little low on funding since one of my […]

09 Nov

The upcoming Friday FloorFiller™

(yes, I actually try to prep them a couple days in advance) Regardless, it should be a lot of fun…some obscure tracks, some unreleased, some from Europe, it runs a little over 73 minutes in length, and contains 15 selections. I’d tell more, but then I’d be in violation of some stupid law and we […]

09 Nov


I’ve often wondered where the term “Black Friday” (used to describe the shopping day AFTER thanksgiving) came from. It seems that the term is because it is the day when most retailers go from being in the red (loss) to being in the black (profit) due to the volume of sales for that day versus […]

09 Nov

Holiday Protocol

To: All Employees From: Management Subject: Office conduct during the Christmas season Effective immediately, employees should keep in mind the following guidelines in compliance with FROLIC (the Federal Revelry Office and Leisure Industry Council). 1. Running aluminum foil through the paper shredder to make tinsel is discouraged. 2. Playing Jingle Bells on the push-button phone […]

09 Nov

And it was…

…as it was. The Friday FloorFiller™ for last week is now offline. What was it, you ask? 1. Little Lies Remix – Fleetwood Mac 2. Think I’m Gonna Fall (In Love) (Extended) – Ase Tynning 3. All Or Nothing (Metro Mix) – Cher 4. Crying at the Discotheque vs Spacer (Extended Version) – Alcazar vs. […]

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