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08 Nov

Where did the year go?

I just realized that it’s November. No, I’ve known it’s November for quite some time, it’s just that it seems that time has flown by. Where did the year go? I’ve asked that already, haven’t I?

08 Nov

Nacho Regular Chips

Amazing what being tired will do to your cooking abilities. Maybe I should be on the verge of exhaustion all the time. Tasty, crispy nachos with perfectly flavoured beef, cheese mix, sour cream and olives. Of course, compared to last night’s dinner, it was a true feast. As an aside, does anybody even listen to […]

08 Nov

Add one more to Heaven’s Stage

My high school drama coach has passed on. I hope you enjoy the footlights and curtain calls you so justly deserve, Marilyn. Marilyn Martin “Hollywood” Tucker HAMPTON – Marilyn ‘Hollywood’ Martin Tucker departed this life peacefully Nov. 3, 2005, in Sentara CarePlex Hospital, Hampton, Va. A native of Hampton, she was born the first daughter […]

08 Nov


…your feet, that is. I have to laugh. I was responsible for a website, and the person it represented decided it should go in a different direction — no problem, I was doing it volunteer wise so it just took one thing off my plate. We’re still friends, etc. Now, 7 months later, their “new” […]

08 Nov

You Better Make Your Move

(Title from Ace of Base’s single “Wheel of Fortune”) Round and round we go here with people who can’t read a screen and follow instructions. The impressive thing is that many who I thought would be difficult actually took the time, read the instructions, and … no problem there. I guess we’re having an Indian […]

08 Nov

Morning Humour

Courtesty of Karyzma A redneck couple had just been married and went to an expensive hotel for their honeymoon. The man went to the front desk and asked for a room, saying, “This is a very special ‘casion. It’s our weddin’ night and we need your BEST room with a strong bed.” The clerk winked […]

08 Nov

Patience, People!

I mean DAMN. Speed limits are NOT suggestions, they are the maximum speed one is to travel. If it’s 35, there’s a reason. Blowing your horn, zooming by at 50 (or more) is putting people in danger (well the speeding is. The horn might end up your arse if you blow at the wrong person, […]

08 Nov

Oh Pho! (Oh No!)

Had an experience with Vietnamese food last evening. The restaurant (Pho” 79) took the place of my beloved Mongolian BBQ. I won’t be trying it again. Not that there was anything wrong with the service (it was great), or the price (quite reasonable), or even the food. I’ve just found out that I’m not a […]

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