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06 Nov

Gov’t Games

Found Here.

06 Nov

If you’re not listening…

…then I’m not talking. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? Confidential to “Wears His Hind-Quarters On His Shoulders” If there’s a conversation between three people, and you’re only hearing what one person is saying, then no problem. I don’t need people like you in my life. As Glenn Close said in Fatal Attraction, “I won’t be […]

06 Nov

Major Irritants.

Rejected title: Who put sand in the Vaseline? The following are things I’d like to say to people, if I had enough gumption. 1. You’re 35 years old. No one cares for that “prima donna” act you put on. We’re not in this world to live up to your expectations, and opening your vile, repulsive […]

06 Nov

Stage Production

Regardless of what anyone claims, there is a major difference between seeing a stage production and going to the Theatre. Last night, I attended a stage production. “The Pirates of Penzance”. By a local amateur play group. Now, I will be the first person, if one has never seen a Gilbert & Sullivan Opera, to […]

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