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03 Nov

I guess…

…since it’s traffic, I shouldn’t complain. To be totally correct about it however, Bill (of Bloviating Inanities) is my BlogFather. Rachel Lucas was HIS BlogMother.

03 Nov

Holiday Shopping

Retail therapy always is good for the soul, and I was able to get some done this evening for someone else, so that made things even better. Now I’ve got my Dad’s present all wrapped up, so that makes me breathe a little easier. Sorry to not have been my usual jovial self lately. Things […]

03 Nov

It’s that Time of Year

Holiday Party invitations are going out. Party is Saturday, December 3, 2005. Think you should be receiving one? If you’ll be in the Hampton Roads area, drop me a comment. I’ll get an invite out to you. It just didn’t seem right to be mailing them out in advance of Halloween this year.

03 Nov

Sony Steps Back from RootKit

and provides a remover.

03 Nov

A Plethora

…seems that at least every other day here in Hampton Roads we’re hearing of yet another accident involving a school bus. The latest, involving two Hampton Roads Transit buses carrying middle school students, injured 50 students and one of the bus drivers. What the heck is going on? Recently, we’ve had a bus turn over […]

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