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26 Oct

Other things I wish I could say, but cannot

* I appreciate you being yourself. You’ve never asked me to be anything else, but you can’t see that.

* Is it really that much of a blow to masculinity to cry? Men have emotions and feelings too. Sometimes they hurt.

* Dagnabit, I’ve told you the same answer 11 times. Why do you think if you ask it a 12th time that you’ll end up with a different answer?

* I have nice things because I save for them and pay for them myself, not because I go around screwing people out of their hard earned cash.

* Save your everlasting drama up and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. The world’s been a better place since you’ve been gone, and if you could have only taken the Negative Nancy (™) that ran you off with you, we’d all be a bit happier.

* Your kindness and generosity have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I just wish there were a more appropriate way to express my gratitude.

* Don’t deny that you were being a whore when we were together. You tried to paint me as the evil one, the tramp, the one who slept around. I only did with one; you seem to have lost count. Now that it’s all in the past, it no longer matters; you’re only fooling yourself.

* If longing for passion and compassion are mortal sins, send me to purgatory. I’m a more complex person than most people give me credit for. Open your collective eyes and watch me shine.

* You’re an obnoxious, schizophrenic bore. You can’t be friends with anyone because when they try to do something nice for you, you Jekyll & Hyde around. Come back when you mature. Better yet, don’t. Just go away. Quit trying to prove that you’ve changed. You only get one chance to burn me the way you did.

* I have walls around me for a reason. If and when you get through them, it will be because *I* decided to let you in to know the real me. Not because you were valiant, or fought through dangers unnumbered.

* I would bring you happiness…if I ever thought you’d change your mind.

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