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14 Oct

Exorcise Your Rights!

They say you should keep up with what the world is doing around you. The Catholic church believes Satan is more evident than ever, and now you can take a course (even as a lay person!) on ridding someone of their Possession.

A course in exorcism, supported by the Vatican, began on Thursday at one of Rome’s most prestigious pontifical universities. Priests attended class alongside lay people, with world renowned exorcist Bishop Andrea Gemma, author of the book “I, Exorcist Bishop”.

The exorcism course takes place for the second consecutive year and will be broadcast via video-conference to other Pontifical institutes. Exorcism, the Roman Catholic rite in which demons are expelled from “possessed” persons, is usually administered by priests with the permission of a bishop.

Bishop Gemma said it was his opinion that the practice could be carried out by those “delegated by the bishop.” Thursday’s class began with a prayer, lead by Bishop Gemma, to protect the students from evil forces. He went on to recount the many ways in which the “prince of darkness” can hide among us, noting that youngsters are particularly at risk.

Among the widely accepted signs of possession by the devil are speaking in unknown tongues and demonstrating physical force beyond one’s natural capacity. Students received a paper detailing a 10-point guide to recognize and prevent such unholy interests.

It included a suggestion to parents to monitor whether their children were wearing strange pendants or T-shirts, if they listen to loud music on their home stereos, or watch too many horror movies. The Roman Catholic Church has shown growing interest in exorcism in Italy.

The practice is gaining popularity under Pope Benedict XVI who recently encouraged exorcists to carry on their “important work”. Speaking at a recent public audience, the Pope gave a warm greeting to a group of exorcists, who had gathered in Rome for a congress.

Report from CBS News

Jeebus. Cue the pea soup and alka-seltzer.

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