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25 Sep

Ponder Me This

WARNING: Any flame comments will be deleted, your IP will be banned. Intelligent discussion is permitted, but no personal attacks will be tolerated, nor any “you just don’t understand” bullcrap. Also, don’t waste your time or mine attempting to convert me to the belief that God quit talking to man after the Bible was written, therefore, if it’s not in the pages, it is from man and not from God.

While I was out roaming the blogsphere this evening, I came across the following quote:

I question how homosexuality became the ultimate sin when it didn’t even make God’s own top 10.

I’ve heard just about every possible argument against it (Jesus never mentioned it; Paul mentions it in letters, but he also said everyone should live a life of celibacy; the book of Leviticus was only for certain people; etc. etc. etc.), and for it (it’s an abomination; Paul mentions it in letters; it’s unnatural; the book of Leviticus says it is a sin; etc. etc. etc.)

I’ve also heard the people who say you can’t pick and choose what you wish to believe. If you’re going to focus in on the homosexuality issue, you also have to focus in on all the other sins mentioned (divorce, cutting your hair, wearing clothing of mix fabrics, eating shellfish, pork, etc.).

Again, I raise my main concern with people taking the Bible as being the be-all and end-all to everything: The Bible, as it is, was written by man. God did not put stylus to papyrus or scroll and write the Old Testament OR the New Testament.

Being that the most oft used transation of the Bible (the KJV) is less than, oh 600 years old, how do you account for all the rest of the time?

Has God had nothing of substance to say since the time of the original Disciples deaths? Why were no further miracles, prophets, or decrees from God written after the original Disciples died? You would think, after all, that God is still speaking, and therefore the “Bible” as it were would be a continually growing document. The world is far different today than it was 2000 years ago. I’m sure God would have something to say about that as well.

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