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25 Sep

Ponder Me This

WARNING: Any flame comments will be deleted, your IP will be banned. Intelligent discussion is permitted, but no personal attacks will be tolerated, nor any “you just don’t understand” bullcrap. Also, don’t waste your time or mine attempting to convert me to the belief that God quit talking to man after the Bible was written, […]

25 Sep

Stranger things…

…than reports of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore getting married this weekend. After all, now that they’ve supposedly made it official, they can start the divorce proceedings. But no, we have stranger yet. We have search phrases that people have used on this blog. Well, we start off with the typical enema crap (no pun […]

25 Sep

Once In A Lifetime…

Rarely do I find four versions of a song (the rare original, the remake, and two versions of the remake that weren’t officially released) All within 30 seconds of each other time line. So, we’re talking of things that happen “Once in A Lifetime”, let’s get started on our way! Original RealAudio One of the […]

25 Sep

True to form…

…assorted ramblings from inside my head. Why is it that a church feels it needs to put a rigid time limit on the Sunday service? Unless you’re benig televised or put on the radio, there’s no reason, IMHO, for anyone to get upset if the service runs over that “allotted hour period”. After all, most […]

25 Sep

“Awww Shucks!”

LOS ANGELES — Thomas Ross Bond, who played Butch the bully in the “Our Gang” and “The Little Rascals” serials of the 1930s, has died. He was 79. Bond died Saturday of complications from heart disease at Northridge Hospital, said his manager, Frank Marks. Bond played a member of the Gang named Tommy. After his […]

25 Sep

And on the 7th Day, He rested

I’m doing something I rarely do — I’m taking the day off from church. Don’t get me wrong, I could go, but since this has been a weekend that’s bascially been for my revitalization and restoration, I’ve decided to crawl back under the covers.

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