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23 Sep

Where To Draw The Line

I try not to blog about work because it’s not wise — not that CHK has a policy about it, but hey, why tempt fate, right?

But I honestly have to question the intelligence of some of the people who work there.

Say you receive an email saying “I need you to order me a Widget, it’s available at website.com, model number X123Y456.”

Would you then fire off an email to someone else saying “I need your help finding this item I’m supposed to order?”

No, if you had an IQ of more than a lima bean, you’d go to website.com, enter in model number X123Y456 and have it come back with the appropriate Widget that you are supposed to order.

That doesn’t seem to be that way things are done, however, as I had it happen to me. I go to website.com, enter in the model number and it immediately spits back all the information I need in order to order it. I turn around and email the less than lima bean Mensa immaterial, saying “you know, you just wasted my time. You should have done this first. And, oh, here’s the link.”

I wish I could be like every other unit/department and do a charge back for my time. They’d learn quickly if stupidity were costly. Of course, those people don’t actually see the money, and it’s more of a “hide the pea” game when budget transfers are involved, but …. it might make someone sit up and take notice.

And yes, the guy who couldn’t eject his floppy from his machine (PUSH THE BUTTON, DAMMIT) called me at the beginning of the semester with exactly the same problem.

Thank GOD the new machines we’re ordering don’t come with floppies and that will be an issue I won’t have to deal with EVER again.

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    Keith Says:

    Until he tries to put the floppy into the cd-rom drive. Or calls you up and asks you where his floppy drive is, and could you order one.

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