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23 Sep

Ain’t it da truth!

Passed on by Tink Rumination of the Day If Pat Robertson weren’t so busy worrying about assassinating leaders in South America, he might have had time to speak with God about diverting this hurricane to some other place, away from humanity. Like God, though, I guess, Pat’s a busy person and can’t be everywhere at […]

23 Sep

To comment or not to comment

Sometimes people leave themselves open for comments that perhaps would be best not made. Take a blog I read with some regularity. I really, REALLY want to make a comment on a subject, but I know if I do feelings will be hurt. How do you deal with an issue like this? Do you keep […]

23 Sep

Where To Draw The Line

I try not to blog about work because it’s not wise — not that CHK has a policy about it, but hey, why tempt fate, right? But I honestly have to question the intelligence of some of the people who work there. Say you receive an email saying “I need you to order me a […]

23 Sep

Mental Health Time

This evening has been a blessing that I didn’t know I needed. I’m the only one home, and sometimes you just need that time for “yourself”. That’s what I really needed, more than anything. I haven’t started putting the Beanie’s online yet, though i do have a good number of items up, including some vintage […]

23 Sep

Dancin’ The Night Away

I’ve got a couple posts I’m working on, but here are a few things to tide you over. Same rules apply as with the last post: Ave Maria – Physical Motion Real Audio Havana (Rhythm Mix) – K.G. Real Audio Hymn – Magna Charta Real Audio A Train To Nowhere (Train Mix) – BBB Real […]

23 Sep

Friday Floorfiller™

From my archives: Commercially unavailable in the US kick butt music. MP3s are for a limited time, and may be taken off line without notice. RealAudio selections will automatically stream. Kim Wilde: You Came & Stone (Razormaid! Mix) RealAudio Paris (featuring Nicki French): Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Tonight You’re Mine Mix) RealAudio Kylie […]

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