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06 Sep

Farewell, Lil Buddy

Heartfelt condolences to the Denver family… Bob’s now up in the island in the sky. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Bob Denver, whose portrayal of goofy castaway Gilligan on the 1960s TV show “Gilligan’s Island” made him an iconic figure to generations of TV viewers, has died. He was 70.

06 Sep

My dream watch

Ain’t she a beauty? Retail: $9200.00

06 Sep

How to avoid Pain at the Pump

Since articles don’t seem to be staying online like they used to, here’s the full text of this post from the Orange Review. [Hat tip to Tink for passing it along.] Pain at the pump ——————————————————————————– By Sean Mussenden Media General News Service Look at the gas station price sign. Glance away. Now look back. […]

06 Sep


…was a much needed day of rest. Some friends and I decided to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg (formerly “The Old Country”) and had a blast. The weather was in the 70s, which made it a perfect day. We rode Alpengeist, The Big Bad Wolf, Loch Ness Monster, Apollo’s Chariot, and the new “Curse of […]

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