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04 Sep

Great & Funny Post

Dear New Orleans,

I’m sorry, but you were wicked and I had to wipe you out. I didn’t want to get all “Old Testament” on your ass, but that tit-flashing lesbian Wiccan midget on the last “Girls Gone Wild” video was the last straw.

Wrathfully yours,

Lord God Jehovah

P.S. Mississippi and Alabama, let this be a lesson to you: don’t exist near godless sodomites. San Jose, Marin County, I’m looking in your direction…

From Fritz, who found it at Pam’s House Blend

For a religious wingnut’s commentary, and a true CHRISITIAN respose, see the extended section.

Pam’s post read:

“New Orleans now is abortion free. New Orleans now is Mardi Gras free. New Orleans now is free of Southern Decadence and the sodomites, the witchcraft workers, false religion — it’s free of all of those things now. God simply, I believe, in His mercy purged all of that stuff out of there — and now we’re going to start over again.”

— Rev. Bill Shanks, of New Covenant Fellowship of New Orleans

Boy this just does not stop; we’re building quite a collection of these hurricane prophets now.

How on earth do these dumbf*cks explain the rest of the devastation outside of New Orleans? Did God make the hurricane too big by mistake, and just clobbered Mississippi and Alabama for kicks? From the wingnut web rag, AgapePress:

Rev. Bill Shanks, pastor of New Covenant Fellowship of New Orleans, also sees God’s mercy in the aftermath of Katrina — but in a different way. Shanks says the hurricane has wiped out much of the rampant sin common to the city.

The pastor explains that for years he has warned people that unless Christians in New Orleans took a strong stand against such things as local abortion clinics, the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations, and the annual event known as “Southern Decadence” — an annual six-day “gay pride” event scheduled to be hosted by the city this week — God’s judgment would be felt.

…The New Orleans pastor is adamant. Christians, he says, need to confront sin. “It’s time for us to stand up against wickedness so that God won’t have to deal with that wickedness,” he says.

Believers, he says, are God’s “authorized representatives on the face of the Earth” and should say they “don’t want unrighteous men in office,” for example. In addition, he says Christians should not hesitate to voice their opinions about such things as abortion, prayer, and homosexual marriage. “We don’t want a Supreme Court that is going to say it’s all right to kill little boys and girls, … it’s all right to take prayer out of schools, and it’s all right to legalize sodomy, opening the door for same-sex marriage and all of that.”

Via AmericaBlog, hat tip to Blender Savrin

However, as was also pointed out in the comments to that post, a REAL Christian response:

l Religion l

Katrina has wrath; God gives comfort

Faith Matters By JAMES L. EVANS
Somewhere a preacher is preaching. He shakes his fist at the ceiling as he describes the wrath of God. That wrath has come, he tells his attentive congregation, on the crest of a terrible storm named Katrina. God has shown his power and his might by smashing a wall of wind and water into cities along the Gulf Coast.

Strangely, folks gain comfort from this. Not that God has inflicted suffering on our neighbors. Comfort comes from the belief that God is in control. Things happen for a reason. We are not at the mercy of random forces of wind and weather. Only God can make a storm.

And so in an effort to find security and a sense of purpose in a world where nearly everything dwarfs our puny existence, we ascribe to God a terrible anger that lashes out from time to time in the form of a storm or earthquake or plague. God is angered by our sinfulness and a price must be paid.

And isn’t there biblical precedent? The story of Noah certainly portrays an angry God all too ready to unleash the forces of weather against a recalcitrant people. And didn’t Sodom and Gomorrah fall to a storm of fire and brimstone? And during the time of Elijah didn’t God use drought and famine to punish his people for their idolatry and injustice?

When big bad things happen, it is hard not to believe that God is the cause. And because pain often feels like punishment, how can we help but ask what it is we have done to bring down the divine anger?

But there is another portrait of God found in the Christian Bible. It is the image offered by Jesus. God, according to Jesus, is like a loving parent. This parent is so attuned to the needs of creation that even the fall of a small sparrow is noticed. This same attention is also lavished on the human part of creation. For God so loved the world, Jesussaid once.

This parent-God whom Jesus knows is full of grace. He is like a farmer who hires people all day long to work in the fields. At the end of the day he pays those who have only worked one hour the same wage as those who worked all day.

This parent-God whom Jesus knows anguishes over the suffering and despair of the weak and vulnerable. Speaking for this parent-God, Jesus said that only when we have cared for the “least of these” in this world can we claim to have known him.

Writing later in the life of the church the Apostle Paul asks rhetorically “what can separate us from the love of God.” His answer is “nothing can separate us from God’s love.”

So how do we reconcile these two different views of God? Traditionally, for Christians, it has been our practice to allow Jesus to have the final say. And if that is true, then we must conclude that the storms that blow against us are not from God. They are part of the natural order, which follows a course of natural law. But if God does not send the storm, where is God in the storm?

God is where God is always found: standing beside the weak and the broken, comforting those who have lost everything.

Somewhere a preacher is calling down the wrath of God. But God is not there. God is in New Orleans and Biloxi and Gulfport, and other devastated cities, binding up the wounds of his hurting children.

James L. Evans is pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church.

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