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25 Aug

Public Perception

[San Francisco Mayor Gavin] Newsom depicted the opposition from business interests who do not believe a municipality should offer its residence Internet access in the most drastic of terms, saying, “The fight over gay marriage was nothing compared to this.”

Ephraim Schwartz, Tech Watch, Aug. 16, 2005

Remember: Thou Shalt Not Broadband.

One Response to “Public Perception”

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    Fritz Says:

    But, Mayor Newsom is just so darn cute! Gay men in S.F. worship him like a god…seriously!



    He means it when he says he’ll fight as hard for city-wide WiFi as he did for marriage equality. It may sound weird, but it will score some major points with the tech-hungry S.F. populus. I bet he’ll be California governor in the near future.

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