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23 Aug

Robertson, Part Deux

Seems the AP reported that Marion “Pat” Robertson may also be on “shake”y grounds:

It’s the shake that’s causing quite a stir. An evangelical media watchdog group claims Pat Robertson is abusing his nonprofit status to market an “age-defying” diet drink.

For years, Robertson has been touting the shake on his Christian Broadcasting Network and giving away the recipe for free. Now, he’s teamed up with the health food chain GNC to sell it nationally.

The recipe includes safflower oil, protein powder and vinegar. The head of the watchdog group, the Trinity Foundation, says the drink got big because it was promoted on donor-paid-for airtime. But Robertson says he’s just exercising his right to start a business.

And there may be a legal fight. A bodybuilder who used the shake to help lose 200 pounds says Robertson’s people led him to believe he’d be its national spokesman.

Robertson’s attorney calls the man’s allegations “bizarre and completely untrue.”

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