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22 Aug

Music of the Night

(“Sweet Bitter Love” Performed by Aretha Franklin, recorded in the 60s and the 80s. Written by Van McCoy) I talked to you today…we’ve loved each other for so long in that special way and if circumstances should keep us apart…I just want you to know that you will remain forever…here. In my heart. Sweet, sweet […]

22 Aug

More Ramblings

Confidential to the Midwest: I don’t care how shocking you think it will be to broadcast your sexcapades. People get bored with your triviality, therefore do everyone a favour and put a sock in it before you even think about opening your mouth. No one cares with who, where, or when you’re getting it on. […]

22 Aug


When to leave well enough alone. Why is it, when you tell someone that for their own good, they should leave well enough alone, they never take your advice? If you claim you don’t like conflict, that’s all good and well. Let sleeping dogs lay. Lie. Stay put. Whatever. Confidential to someone. If you’re not […]

22 Aug

Monkey See, Monkey Meme

found this one at On The Fritz. [ ] I’ve run away from home. [X] I listen to political music. [ ] I collect comic books. [X] I shut others out when I’m sad. [X] I open up to others easily.

22 Aug

Morning Humour

A quiet little man was brought before a judge. The judge looked down at the man and then at the charges and then down at the little man in amazement. “Can you tell me in your own words what happened?” asked the judge. “I’m a mathematician dealing in the nature of proof.” said the man. […]

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