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21 Jul


I never considered myself someone who would ever have the need for a collections agency, but unfortunately, that time has come. It’s painful, because the person that I’m having to send to collections I’ve tried to help out in their business by paying for their website, trying to get information from them to keep it […]

21 Jul

Growing Older, Slowing Down

You know, it’s a shame at the young age of 36 to decide that it’s time to slow down. With as quick as the world moves, where information can move around the world in a blink of an eye, humans simply can’t keep up. We can try, but we end up suffering from information overload. […]

21 Jul

London, Part Deux

It’s bleak times when a city can be ravaged again and again by hate-filled people. I’m not saying those who are responsible for todays explosions in London were also responsible for the deaths two weeks ago, but allow me to burn karma points by sincerely wishing that you burn in hell (if there is, in […]

21 Jul

Look..a new day has begun…

(title shamelessly taken from Cats) After a crappy night of lack of sleep balanced with passing the heck out, I’m somewhat functioning today. Meaning: I’m here. That’s all I’m agreeing to. Thanks to the anonymous sponsor who has pledged $10 to ModestNeeds.org should I complete the BlogAThon. It really is appreciated. I just hope that […]

21 Jul

Just a Test

…of a feature (behind the scenes) of WordPress to see if it works or not. We shall see.

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