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20 Jul

Further Questions Regarding Blogathon 2005

How do I register to sponsor someone
Go here and click “Register” beneath the login boxes. A form will appear asking you for your preferred username, your email address, your name as you want it displayed and your password. Once you’ve filled them all out, click “Submit” and you should be taken to a page thanking you for joining Blogathon.

Now you can log in. When you log in, you will see at the top your name, the option to log out and the active campaigns for Blogathon 2005. Campaigns are new this year, but are just the combinations of your weblog information and your charity information. To add your own campaign (in other words, to sign up to blog), click on your name at the top.

You are now looking at what will be the ongoing record of all your activity within Blogathon. Campaigns will eventually show your blog and charity information, if you blog, and under “Pledges to Date” you will see the other campaigns you are sponsoring. To go back and see a list of all the current participants, click on “Blogathon 2005 Control Panel” at the top. To sponsor someone, click on their campaign information. You will be taken to their campaign profile, where you will have the option to “Pledge Your Donation”. We have done away with hourly pledges, so if you (or your sponsors) have agreed to sponsor hourly, just multiply the hourly number by 24 to get their total.

If you want to remain anonymous publicly (your blogger will still know who you are when theylog in), check “Hidden” before you submit your pledge. IMPORTANT: Pledges are final. If you think you may want to increase your sponsorship of the blogger at all, do not fill this out until you’re sure how much you can give. Also, the minimum sponsorship is $1 US, and all currency is displayed in American dollars. If you (or your sponsors) are pledging other currencies, visit a currency conversion site and convert your amount to US dollars before pledging. You can still donate in whatever currency the blogger’s charity will accept, but for our records we need totals in dollars. When you’ve entered your pledge, click submit and congratulations! You’re now a sponsor in Blogathon 2005!

Once you’ve sponsored, you will be able to view an ongoing list of your pledges by clicking on your name at the top. If you’re also interested in participating as a blogger, visit the Blogger FAQ.

How much do I need to donate?
The minimum donation is one dollar, while we (and your bloggers!) will appreciate you giving as much as you feel comfortable. While we require our bloggers to raise at least $5 (and thus encourage sponsors to donate at least $5), the average over the past three years has been $29 per donor.

How do I pay when the event is over?
You will receive an email instructing you how much to pay, and the address – either online or physical – where you can send your payment. You do not pay Blogathon.org, our staff members or the bloggers directly – all donations go directly to the charities.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
You’ll have to check with your local tax laws to find out. JustGive.org has excellent information on tax deductions for donations to charity.

Can I sponsor AND participate?
Yes, yes, yes! If it is within your means to sponsor others, we encourage you to do so. It’s a great way to help us reach our goal of raising money for worthwhile causes, and it helps foster a sense of community with the blogathon. Plus, some sites will feature a link to your site if you sponsor them.

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