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24 Jun

Search Phrases of the Week

In no particular order: Causes of Cloisterphobia: While it would be natural to read this as “claustrophobia”, it’s not. It’s an abnormal fear of cloisters, and those holy folk who inhabit. skillet krokodil: It’s SCHNAPPI, not Farberware. vibrators: That’s a stimulating stubject. “Screech monkey”: well poo to you too! naked pictures boobs bra sizes almost […]

24 Jun

One More

Damn, why don’t I just quote the entire Carnival of the Recipes? Here’s Chocolate and Guinness Brownies. YUM!

24 Jun


Coffee Sage presents the Blackberry Summer Dream Coffee. (It’s mentioned in the Carnival of Recipes, but I had to link to it. The photo says it all!)

24 Jun

It just makes sense

In our area, with so much underutilized retail space already constructed. Visit here.

24 Jun

A good reason to lose weight

Dave has been talking about Tofu pups. But like him, I too draw the line at this. Makes eatin’ nuthin but greens seem more… natural.

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