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21 Jun


Merge in Progress. Further consolidation to create the “Nation Of One” (One bank, one grocery, one cinema, one gas company, one way of thought) AMC, Loews Cineplex Plan to Merge

21 Jun

When will it happen to you?

Tony Pierce has come up with a number of ways of knowing when “blogger burnout” is going to happen to you. 1. when your internal dialogue gets hijacked by your concerns about what your readers will think. 2. when you are afraid to write down what you are truly thinking about at that moment. 3. […]

21 Jun

Tagged Again!

Questions of my Childhood Rocket Jones tagged me with this meme. Five Things I Miss From My Childhood 1. Atari 2600. Ok, so I’m a geek to the utmost. But I remember saving my allowance so that I could buy games for that retched, graphically challenged waste of youth. Of course, these days there’s AtariAge […]

21 Jun

Blame it on the heat

…even though we’re in a bit of a cool spell. That’s what I’m blaming my lack of posts on. We’ll see if I can correct that.

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