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17 Jun

Where did today go?

Did I fall asleep? I don’t think so. But it’s over, that’s for sure. Where’s a final thought when you’re looking for one????

17 Jun

This week’s search phrases

Here is a selection of search phrases used on this blog over the past week, from what was recorded in the access logs: “Midgets, ferrets and masturbation”: I don’t what to know what brought this on, or who did the search for it, but know that you are one sick puppy. “Car Warning Labels on […]

17 Jun

Tears Will Leave No Stain…

…but Ketchup will. Found via CNN. Ketchup stain sparks e-mail flurry LONDON, England — An e-mail exchange between a law firm executive and a secretary over a ketchup stain has set London’s legal world buzzing. The details were forwarded across the city after Richard Phillips, a senior associate at Baker & McKenzie, sent a message […]

17 Jun

Second Verse…

…same as the first. This time, something that I haven’t had the (mis-)fortune to have experience with — Car Title Loans. State regulators are attempting to reel them in (as they are looking at doing with the “payday loan” storefronts, one of which appears on almost every street corner or strip mall)… The problem? Stratospheric […]

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