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08 Jun

Unlikely Endorsement

Here’s an ad you’ll never see:

08 Jun

Sure, I’ll Support You (Not)

I mean, my piddly paycheck must certainly be too much for me to be able to live on comfortably. CNN reports that those of us with health insurance increasingly are being charged in order to defray the costs lost from uninsured persons coming through the system. Now, I’m sorry, but knowing that these costs may […]

08 Jun

I lived through it

and now you have to as well.

08 Jun

Promised Restaurant Review

Zio’s, Norfolk VA. Sister to restaurant Zia Marie’s in Virginia Beach, Zio’s moved in to the former Schezwan Garden in Ghent. The restaurant is open, airy, and for lunch, bright. There is no distinction between lunch and dinner, so the menus are the same. Reservations are accepted, so our table of 12 was seated promptly. […]

08 Jun


Homeland security is only interested in people with bombs, who might hijack airplanes, or who send anthrax. It’s perfectly fine to kill your neighbors, take the tools of your trade, and enter the US. Especially if you’re a “naturalized” citizen. Evenmoreso if you look like this: (Actual photo from CNN.com) Heck, sounds to me like […]

08 Jun

Morning Humour

Courtesy of OzJokes This week, I am at home and playing house husband. My wife left a list of things I need to do. This is so easy, I thought I would share it with you. 1. Make the beds. What a waste of effort, we’re only going to sleep in them again tonight. Forget […]

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