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07 Jun

Final Thought

07 Jun

When you grow up…

…what did you want to be? Now that you’re grown up, did you turn out like you thought you would? There are people who, for whatever reason, have chosen lines of work that I just have to shake my head at. I mean, if you suck at customer service, don’t take a job as a […]

07 Jun

Farewell to Another Legend

Anne Bancroft, who won the 1962 best actress Oscar as the teacher of a young Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” but achieved greater fame as the seductive Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate,” has died. She was 73. She died of uterine cancer on Monday at Mount Sinai Hospital, John Barlow, a spokesman for her […]

07 Jun

At times…

….one doesn’t have to be a bigamist to have one wife too many. Bigamist sentenced in Chesapeake for having two wives By JOHN HOPKINS, The Virginian-Pilot © June 4, 2005 Last updated: 12:41 AM

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