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06 Jun

An Off-Site Rant

On one of the mailing lists I read, this was posted. The person who posted it normally isn’t controversial — but the words got me thinking, so I put them here for you to read as well. While I don’t agree with the post in its entirity, I do appreciate enough of the “combination of religion and politics” to warrant only editing out the names of the list members invovled.

I had no idea of your age and frankly, how young or old you may be is not the issue. However, the fact that you are 14 years old makes your response even more frightening. Your post was seething with vulgar references, profanity and a blatant misunderstanding of a disease much bigger than you or I will ever know. How you decided to make AIDS such a large issue of your defense – for supporting this administration – says a great deal about Bush’s misguided followers. I was simply curious why you felt so strongly in your support of Bush; you, in turn, responded with arrogance, anger and insults. It is you, not I, who used Homosexuality as the reasoning behind why I (and apparently others) find fault with Mr. Bush’s administration. You are wrong. Bush’s religious beliefs (and others) do not belong in politics – plain and simple. Our country was founded on laws governing a separation between church and state yet this administration has used and continues to use religion as a means for discrimination. Christian and non-Christian Americans supposedly want and desire to live-in a non-discriminating society where we are ALL free to believe and live as we choose, but Homosexuals continue to be denied the same rights as Heterosexuals. Why? Yes, I am Gay. My partner *** and I have enjoyed a loving, monogamous relationship for over 16 years but, we go legally unrecognized. Our place of employment has a clause against sexual discrimination, our city has the same, our neighborhood association voted us “the best reason to live on our street” but, my beloved country and its Republican leaders would rather see us beaten to the ground. Why?

My problem with George W. Bush is this: in a little over five years his administration has managed to destroy the international relationships that the past three presidents ALL (two Republicans and one Democrat) worked so diligently to create and sustain. It isn’t a Gay issue, ***** ; it is a World issue. George W. Bush has created an Evil Empire based on hatred, stupidity, misunderstanding, intolerance and blatant disregard for human life – American and otherwise.

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