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02 Jun

On The “Cutting Edge”

Last year, we had an incident where human remains were found in suitcases, floating in the Chesapeake Bay. Some bad jokes were made (even by myself) about this “abusive” husband being sent off with a set of matching luggage.

Since the fruit doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree, I guess it’s really no great surprise when we read:

Wife arrested in slaying of man found in suitcases
By ANGELA DELLI SANTI, Associated Press
© June 2, 2005 | Last updated 4:08 PM Jun. 2

TRENTON, N.J. — The wife of a New Jersey man whose body was hacked up, put in three suitcases and dumped in waters off Virginia last year was arrested this morning in his slaying.

Melanie McGuire, 32, of Brick, was to be charged Thursday afternoon with first-degree murder in the killing of William T. McGuire, said John R. Hagerty, spokesman for the state Division of Criminal Justice.

McGuire was killed April 29, 2004, Hagerty said. His dismembered body was found in his own matching luggage in several suitcases found in May 2004 near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, on the shore of Fishermen’s Island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and in waters near Norfolk.

Hagerty said authorities believe Melanie McGuire shot her husband in the chest and torso before the body was dismembered and placed in suitcases.

He said additional arrests were anticipated, but refused to elaborate.

Attorney General Peter C. Harvey planned a news conference Thursday to announce the arrest. McGuire was to be arraigned in Middlesex County Superior Court later in the day.

The couple was about to move into an expensive new home in Warren County when his wife said they had a fight and William McGuire, 39, stormed out of their Woodbridge apartment. She filed for divorce three weeks after McGuire’s car was found abandoned in Atlantic City, claiming her husband was abusive and had a gambling problem.

The McGuires have two sons, ages 4 and 5. “I am just so stunned,” McGuire’s sister, Nancy Taylor, said Thursday. “It doesn’t bring him back, but at least justice will be served.”

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