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31 May

Inside My Head

It’s been a long day, but I can’t just go off and not post. After all, I have you three all my readers to think about.

(1) Hot chicken fat does not feel good when applied to the palm of the hand. Decided to use the grill pan and grill up some delicious chicken thighs. They turned out really good, but I wanted to “hurry up” the process to clean the pan and basically doused by left palm in chicken fat. HOT chicken fat. YEOW! Well, at least it’s only minor, and only in one spot. I was able to get my mind under cold water before it progressed too far.

(2) Why do I feel like an outsider when I discuss my views on the gov’ment with folks? It’s like everyone has turned into mindless clones who are unable to function with any sort of normalcy.

Let me ask some rhetorical questions here about government invasiveness into our private lives.

  • How many “potential” terrorists have “Homeland Security” captured? Richard Reid (the “Shoe Bomber”) wasn’t caught by Homeland Security. How many “terrorists” have been captured due to “no fly” lists? You KNOW if there was any success on this front, they would be plastered all over the press like the front of Anna Nicole Smith on television.
  • How has security increased due to abuse of the Patriot Act scanning our phone bills, library lists, credit card charges?
  • Are we any safer now that we have a colour coded Homeland Security Terror Alert system that, more than two years on, has never lowered beyond Yellow? (I don’t think we’ll ever see a Green or a Blue in my lifetime.)
  • If Iraq is almost in a position to take care of itself, as we have been repeatedly told by “fearless leader”, why did Dick Cheney come out and say the Iraq war would be over by 2009? Excuse me… four more years? For what? We’ve already been there for 4 years. That will mean almost a decade in a place where, though it is better (from a Humanitarian point of view) to be rid of its sadistic dictator, we should never have gone to war over the “vanishing WMDs”.
  • If people want democracy so badly, why is America turning into a laughing stock, almost to the point of bankrupting our own economy? I’m sorry, but money doesn’t grow on trees, and for President Bush to continually ask and Congress to continually approve billions and billions for wars half a world away while we have homeless, poverty, and illness in our own country — it doesn’t sit well with me.
  • Why am I, as a tax paying American citizen, no better off financially today than I was 5 years ago? It’s certainly not for want of trying. Tax cuts haven’t helped — sure, I appreciate the extra $100, spread out over the entire year, so that I barely notice it. The poor get poorer, the rich… well, you know what happens to them. I’m lower middle class. I have two roommates just to try to make ends meet for the three of us. Real Estate values are skyrocketing while compensation lacks. No Cost Of Living Allowances here.
  • Why is it that the “right” (which isn’t, in my opinion) can’t come up with better lines when you disagree with their philosophy, than “You’re Anti-American,” “You don’t support our troops,” “You must be supporting terrorism,” and “You don’t love America.” Why? Because I question? Because I don’t accept, blindly, the (mis-)information fed to me by the spin doctors of either the liberal media or the uber-conservative government who no longer believes in checks and balances because it doesn’t suit their needs?
  • Why aren’t more people outraged at this?

(3) Eurythmics soundtrack for Nineteen Eighty-Four (For The Love Of Big Brother) is HIGHLY underrated. It wasn’t a commercial success, but is so stark, so bleak, so properly fitting for the movie and for America in 2005. I’m glad I’ve rediscovered it.

(4) Come to think of it, I think that high school students and/or college students should have to study Orwell’s 1984. Maybe not in English class. Maybe in Government. Revisionist History (which I’ve taken on many times before in this blog). Government censorship. Invasion. Dehumanization. (Yes, I’m on a freakin’ kick about it right now because it hit me smack in the face today with Cheney’s and Bush’s remarks that “America wouldn’t stoop to human rights abuses” (paraphrased). How many times has that been disproved in the past?)

(5) I wish Tink the best of luck as she goes for a new position in a competing CHK. We all deserve any breaks we can get.

(6) I can’t wait for my copy of MasterCook 8.0 to come in… it’s time to start working on a new set of cookbooks!

(7) I’m preparing to take a website down due to the inability of someone’s office manager to respond to repeated requests to settle up an outstanding balance.

(8) Back on the topic of Government ineptitude (can’t seem to stay off the soapbox tonight) can SOMEONE explain to me why, WHY I get a mailing saying I didn’t include a certain 1099 in my 2003 taxes, and therefore owe 1,020 to the IRS, and I can make monthly payments if I fill out the form and mail it in with my first payment… which I did, for $75 — only to receive a check in the mail today from the Treasury for $75.06 (my $75, plus .06 in interest). What about all the paperwork that was included in the check? It was all in the same envelope. Now, I have to call and waste more of my time straightening all this out, simply because they consider it “self-employment” which means I have to pay Social Security, Medicare, and taxes on the figure, plus penalties. I’m 36 now. I have another 30 years to go before I can think about retiring, if they don’t up the age to 70 by the time I get there. Of course, to hear President Bush speak, Social Security will be bankrupt by that time, so why the hell am I continuing to pay into something that I will reap no benefit from? (I know, I know… SS will NOT be bankrupt, and that’s just a scare tactic to try to get people to support the “Private Accounts” which will lead to more poor people due to mismanagement of funds…but by then, he’ll be dead, so any blame and finger pointing will have to be to the George W. Bush Memorial LIEbrary Library.)

That’ll do for a rant for right now.

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